Dry Lavender Flower: Benefits And Usage 2021


What is dry Lavender Flower Extract? Dry Lavender flower extract is made by steeping dry lavender flower stems in a carrier oil for at least a week, usually up to a few months. Once the dry lavender plants infuse into the carrier oil, the natural botanical important oils are extracted and into the provider. With this method, the flowers are preserved while the oils provide the carrier oils necessary to make a great-smelling natural fragrance.

dry lavender flower

Why use Dry Lavender?

Lavender is such a lovely and popular plant. The first question that most people have when they consider lavender is the best way to use it? A great way to use lavender is to make candles. Dry lavender stalks can be used to create beautiful arrangements in pots or even as a colorful centerpiece in your home.

Another great way to use lavender flower stems would be to make potpourri. Gather up some dry flowers, cut off the bottom portion and any stems, and place them into a pot. Fill with your favorite scented soap or candle wax and pour in a generous amount of warm pine scent. It will fill the entire pot only to let it dry and harden – perfect for making wonderful pampering aromatherapy candles. You can store them in the freezer for up to a month and pull them out for use in your favorite potpourri or fragrance creations.

dry lavender flower

Different Usage Of Dry Lavender Flower

Another great way to utilize dry lavender is in the creation of aromatherapy candles. To make your candles, gather up enough dried lavenders to cover one-fourth inch of your cold wooden dowel. The next step is to coil the dried lavender buds on your cold dowel until they are completely covered. Wrap the wick with a piece of cheesecloth and secure it with a ribbon. You can wrap the finished product in colorful cellophane pillowcases for a great favor or use it in your home as a centerpiece.

To add further depth to your candles, you could make your herbal tea infusions using your lavender blossoms. It is a simple process that can yield lovely, invigorating scents. As well as a wide range of relaxing and calming effects. Start by collecting a handful of dry flowers. And then boil the flowers and leaves in enough water to cover them. Strain the tea extract from the extract after about four minutes and mix it in with your favorite herbal blend.

dry lavender flower

Finally, you could dehydrate your blossoms for a quick and easy craft project. Gather up enough leaves, stems, and drippings to cover one gallon of your refrigerator’s most used shelf space and place it in the dehydrator to dry. Once your flowers are dry. You can put them in your favorite container and add some sugar. Such as a bit of browned sugar. You will have a delectable treat for your guests and yourself in no time!

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