YouTube bringing new video page on mobile, web

YouTube is introducing incremental changes to the site, with its most significant change being unification of design across each platform.

The major change in the design of the Google app is a redesign that includes pill-shaped buttons for important features like thumbs up and down.

Sharing and creating content results in a faster performance. These activities are given the same level of treatment as other user actions.

The carousel is now located behind the channel information of an individual YouTube video.

Video designers are now looking for ways to improve our viewing experience by enlarging the bottom of the video so that it bleeds into the description.

The new YouTube video page includes a number of new features.

A change with this revamps is that it places the top comment in a more prominent container.

It might be successful in getting people to engage more with the post so they can reply.

In desktop mode, the video description is shown to people as a thumbnail. Creators should benefit from this development.

The latest update is not yet available to all users, but it will be rolling out in future weeks.

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