‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ Looks Like the Best (And Sexiest) Music Biopic of the Year

‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ Looks Like the Best (And Sexiest) Music Biopic of the Year

But we’ll also get masses of adult Weird Al (Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe) on the upward push in popular culture. 

We even get a glimpse of Weird Al’s shoddy college condo, the spot where the musical mastermind first advanced his groundbreaking concept for a brand new genre.

There’s also a quick run-in with Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood), who begs Weird Al to do a parody of one among her songs. 

In the trailer, in fact, Weird Al appears to verify his mythical courting with the popstar, fooling around with Madonna for the duration of their very first interplay.

Their relationship fast devolves inside the trailer, main Weird Al into some darkish alleys full of terrible decisions.

If the movie’s first trailer hinted at a buff, sexy (?) aspect of Weird Al, this new one doubles down on the concept. 

Not handiest is Weird Al furiously making out with MADONNA, he’s also stripping on stage, burning cigarettes into the fingers of music pros. 

And just being appealing in the oddest (one might say most eldritch) methods viable. There are loads of emotions to be felt inside the short  minutes and 50 seconds we’ve been given on this new trailer.

Silicon Valley’s Eric Appel directed and wrote the biopic alongside Weird Al himself, who has been posting updates because the film turned into introduced in advance this 12 months. 

In only some weeks, Weird: The Al Yankovic tale can have its global most effective at the Toronto International Film Festival.

After its grand debut, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story will top of the line on The Roku Channel (of all places!) on November 4.

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