Two women accuse former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman of sexual abuse

Two girls are suing George Foreman over allegations the former heavyweight boxing champion sexually abused them once they were young adults in the Nineteen Seventies.

The girls filed separate lawsuits Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging Foreman began grooming them once they had been just 8 and nine-years-antique and later raped them at age 15 and 16.

Each lady said they first met the boxing superstar when they were best youngsters due to the fact their fathers had been boxing buddies of Foreman.

Denise, a Los Angeles resident, said Foreman commenced grooming her when she changed into simply 8 years old. 

When she turned 15, he compelled her to have intercourse with him on multiple activities, together with in a San Francisco motel room, consistent with her lawsuit.

Likewise, Gwen, of Nevada, said she first met Foreman when she become 9 years antique. She stated in her match that he began sexually abusing and raping her between the a while of 15 and sixteen.

She also alleges that Foreman has told her father that he could lose his job as a boxing adviser if she didn’t comply to his sexual advances.

Foreman known as the claims “baseless threats and lies.”


“Over the past six months,  ladies were looking to extort tens of millions of greenbacks each from me and my family,” he stated. 

“They are falsely claiming that I sexually abused them over 45 years in the past within the Nineteen Seventies. I adamantly and categorically deny these allegations.”

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