The story behind Nebraska and Northwestern playing their Big Ten opener in Ireland

Saturday, Northwestern is playing its home game against the Cornhuskers in Dublin in Ireland.

An occasion is putting critical expectations on the two schools in return for practically unbound public TV openness on the game's initial end of the week.

Generally expenses-paid an open door to connect with contributors and fans while providing the players with a short taste of Irish culture prior to heading back across a sea and a big part of the USA.


So what went into two schools from one of the two most extravagant gatherings in school sports voyaging great many miles for an association game?

The choice by Northwestern accompanied some expense. The Wildcats, who have showed up in two of the last four Big Ten title games, consented to put themselves at a huge cutthroat impediment.

They were at that point planned to play four meeting games at home in the Big Ten's nine-game association plan this season. Presently, they will have just three meeting rivals: No. 18 Wisconsin, No. 2 Ohio State and Illinois.

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