The Sopranos Funko Pops Are Up for Preorder

Grab a few gabagool, because Funko is freeing a brand new line of Funko Pop figures based totally on the beloved HBO display The Sopranos. 

Six figures is available with two iterations of Tony, plus Carmella, Silvio, Christopher Moltisanti, and of direction Paulie Walnuts. 

Sopranos Funkos are up for preoreder for $12.Ninety nine and could deliver through the stop of the 12 months.

Amazon-special parent functions Tony in his iconic bathrobe, protecting a newspaper and cigar, standing subsequent to a duck. 

The preferred Tony parent features the New Jersey mob boss status along with his palms crossed.

Carmella’s Funko is made up and neatly dressed, as ever. The Christopher Moltisanti figure has the protege bearing a container.

Silvio is making one of his unmistakable hand gestures, and Paulie is decked out in a music in shape.

Entire with wings of gray in his hair. That latter determine is exceptional to the Funko Shop and isn’t but available for preorder.

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