2 People finally claim $1.34 billion Mega Millions lottery prize

Almost eight weeks after the drawing, two people came forward to claim the $1.34 billion prize.

They agreed to split the prize if they won it.

The store that sold the winning ticket is in Des Plaines, which is about 20 miles northwest of Chicago.

The lottery jackpot is the third largest in US history, according to the lottery

The winners, who have the advice of financial specialists and attorneys while they complete the claims process

Don't want to be identified. They've chosen to take the lump sum payment of $780 million

Which they will receive after signing a confidentiality agreement

This was the largest prize ever awarded by the Illinois Lottery.

The winners and their lawyers were very excited when they met with us to figure out the prize process.

I'm giving away this amount of money to two people, and it feels amazing knowing what an impact this is going to makes in their lives.

With the contest I got to be a part of that process, so I can only imagine how they are feeling," - Rodriguez.

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