Top Dressing Lawn

Top Dressing Lawn Guide ,Benefits In 2022

Top Dressing Lawn Guide By Gardening Pool:

Nothing is more lovely than a lush inexperienced garden wherein your pets and kids can run unfastened. Regardless of your pleasant efforts, every so often your lawn will nonetheless display symptoms of weakness. You may have the proper lawn in spring. However, your lush green grass is going to junk as quickly as summer season units in. That’s where top dressing garden areas are available. Top dressing your lawn encourages the slow release of long-lasting vitamins that your turf needs and is fantastic. Herbal way to make certain your garden grows optimally all year lengthy.

Top Dressing Lawn

Top Dressing Lawn

In this Gardening Pool article, we’ll pass over what top dressing is, why you should do it, and how to cross approximately it.

Let’s get started on the topic!

What is Lawn Top Dressing?

At first, look, spreading compost or sand over your grass appears counterintuitive. Won’t you smother your garden?

Not in case you do it effectively (that’s what We’ll cover these days.

  • To top dress your lawn you’ll be spreading a skinny layer of cloth – generally compost, loam, or sand – over your lawn. The layer unfold is normally about 1/3 of an inch intensive. And is used to amend and enhance your garden’s soil and enhance moisture retention without interfering with the boom of current grass.
  • It is essential to note that pinnacle dressing includes you spreading a thin layer of whatever material you are the use of. You do now not want to make the layer too thick. Which may additionally suffocate your present grass.
  • The idea is to enhance your lawn’s present-day situation even by offering a healthful environment. To facilitate the germination of recent seeds.

Topdressing has been in exercise considering golfing turned into invented in Scotland.

  • It is fast turning into an option for owners who want a natural or green lifestyle.
  • Topdressing is my preferred approach to enhancing my garden, and We commonly do it as soon as every different year after aerating my turf and overseeding my garden.

Those three initiatives, whilst completed in tandem, are the first-rate way to transform your yard in a weekend.

Why Does Top Dress your Lawn?

There are so many blessings to top dressing your lawn and We’ll cross over them here.

It is used to revive failing turf and supply your garden with all of the vitamins that your garden needs.

Here are some reasons why you ought to top get dressed your lawn:

  1. It improves the aeration of the soil
  2. Helps distribute nutrients naturally
  3. Breaks down thatch without the trouble of dethatching
  4. Can aid in gradually leveling your lawn
  5. Improves the soil exceptional of your backyard
  6. And We’ll discuss each of these apiece greater beneath.

Aeration of Soil

After spreading compost over your lawn grass, the compost aerates the compacted ground because it makes its manner down into the soil.

Soil organisms wreck down the compost and reason the soil’s tiny pore areas to open up.

This permits the roots of your grass to experience greater oxygen (which facilitates grass thrive). It also allows rainwater to penetrate your turf, which inspires roots to develop deeper (making your garden more resilient to drought).
Lawn aeration can be a sport changer for homeowners new to lawn care, and top-dressing with screened compost is an easy manner to do without renting heavy equipment.

Helps to Distribute Nutrients

The vitamins contained in compost are released slowly, over a protracted period. This is specific to how synthetic fertilizers work … this sluggish release of nutrients prevents groundwater and waterway pollution as it reduces nutrient leaching and nutrient runoff.

Basically what you invest in compost gained be money strolling down the storm drain.

You in all likelihood recognize that leaving your grass clippings on your lawn as herbal compost after mowing will add nutrients again into your garden.

But combining your grass clippings with a thin top dressing adds even extra vitamins and guarantees your lawn receives nearly all of the important nutrients for a season of the boom (without shopping for a variety of fertilizer and following an annual utility agenda)

Also, if you grow clover in your garden, you received want to apply more synthetic fertilizers. Clover naturally adds nitrogen into the lawn soil and replenishes it throughout the season.

Breaks Down Thatch

Thatch can form a thick layer of lifeless and dying grass fabric that. Restricts water and air movement into and out of the soil.

It’s harmful to the grass because grass wishes water and nutrients to attain its roots to thrive.

At instances, thatch paperwork dense enough to soak up rainwater. Making your lawn very uncomfortable to walk on each time it rains.

Not all lawns want dethatching, and in case your garden isn’t plagued via heavy thatch. It contains microbes that digest the thatch your lawn do have. This means you’ll probably by no means dethatch your backyard.

After pinnacle dressing your lawn, these microbes wreck down the thatch, freeing the trapped water and air (and saving you a weekend of labor).

Leveling the Lawn Tips

Portions of your lawn can emerge as uneven due to drainage troubles, settling, and plenty of other natural or unnatural causes.

  • Top dressing is an amazing way to even out bumpy areas on your lawn.
  • This method is beneficial for sizable unevenness this is on the surface degree.
  • More extreme instances may also want reapplications of topdressing or even filling deep depressions with soil and reseeding at the regions you have crammed as a part of a lawn leveling venture.
Improves the Soil Quality 

Improves the Soil Quality


Top dressing is a top-notch way to add natural be counted and vitamins to the topsoil. We opt for it to the use of luggage of lawn fertilizer … even natural garden fertilizer.

Excessive first-class screened compost helps to enhance bad soil via the improvement of its effective properties.

It additionally improves the shape of the soil via improving its cation trade ability (CEC), or the soil’s ability to maintain nutrients and water.

Applying pinnacle dressing for your lawn builds up useful soil microbes which can be essential for your turf to flourish.

What Tools Can You Use for Top Dressing a Lawn?

There are some tools you will need to pinnacle get dressed your lawn.

You need to make the method as short and powerful as viable so that you must have everything you want.

To pinnacle dress your garden you’ll want:

  1. Compost
  2. Wheel Barrow
  3. Shovel or Garden Fork
  4. Rolling Peat Moss Spreader
  5. Broadcast or Drop Spreader (needed if overseeding whilst pinnacle-dressing your garden)

Let’s take a better look at those and We’ll percentage my specific tips and what We like to use for every kind of device.


Although different materials can be used for pinnacle dressing, compost takes the number one spot, and it’s what We always use in my garden.

  • Screened compost is a brilliant desire as it slowly releases an excellent balance of micro and macronutrients over time.
  • High-grade completed compost has a neutral or close to impartial pH and is teeming with the microbes that your grass calls for a correct increase.
  • Compost also can be screened finely, which means you do no longer ought to address large chunks of natural depend as you unfold it over your garden. It is likewise very clean to distribute over your turf.

Depending on the way you source it, compost is a fairly less expensive option.

Some owners have compost tumblers or bins and make their own compost of their outdoor from leaves, grass clippings, and another natural count number.

We do this, however, We additionally are lucky to have a brush sell-off facility in my city, which produces stunning screened compost which We can get loads of each time We want it (without cost … if you don’t be counted taxes). Non-residents can experience this for $10.50 a backyard properly … so even in case your metropolis doesn’t offer this provider, a nearby metropolis might.

Even while purchased in bulk, which includes from a panorama supply backyard, local nursery, or in bags. It’s pretty less expensive while in comparison with bag fertilizer, and it’s outstanding funding.

You also can alternative other materials for compost inclusive of topsoil or a 50/50 combination of compost and loam (which is a top-notch blend – it’s what I use in my raised beds).




A wheelbarrow transports whatever material you decide to top get dressed your garden with.
It lets you without difficulty shipping something you need and it’s pretty clear to get from factor A to factor B in your yard. Without the damage that can come from using heavy equipment across your grass.

You can load it with these:

  • Compost
  • Topsoil
  • Sand

One tip We even have in case you don’t have a wheelbarrow but which you should attempt to buy one with a solid wheel.

An air-filled tire is a chunk less complicated to roll. But that tire will usually be flat whilst you pull your wheelbarrow out of the garage and need to use it. It’s a trouble you don’t want.

We even have this True Temper one to be had on Amazon. Which We bought locally at Home Depot, and I find it irresistible.

Shovel/Garden Fork

When top dressing your garden by hand. You will want a shovel or lawn fork to scoop the compost out of your wheelbarrow.
Use quite a great deal whatever that’s comfortable. So that you can raise and allows you to transport a number of compost.

We use a snow shovel with a wooden cope (this one) that is lightweight, robust and lets us take nice large scoops to flick throughout my lawn by way of hand.

Rolling Peat Moss Spreader 

A peat moss spreader like this one on Amazon is a clean manner to get the compost around your garden and to make sure it’s miles spread lightly and lightly.

This type of spreader has a barrel-like shape that rotates with metal mesh openings.

This is a device that’s no longer essential to top get dressed garden areas. But if you can come up with the money for it and plan to pinnacle-dress regularly. It’s excellent funding so that it will keep your back.

To use a peat moss spreader for top dressing, fill the rolling parcel with compost or your chosen fabric. Then push the barrel whilst on foot up and down your lawn. The type of compost will drop out of the mesh openings flippantly onto your lawn.

This tool is exceptionally ideal for dry and screened compost.

Broadcast or Drop Spreader 

  • A drop spreader has adjustable holes at the bottom and a mechanism fitted at the deal. Permitting you to set the desired establishing sizes.
  • Just like the peat moss spreader, it really works nicely with dry and screened compost.
  • Clumpy or wet compost will clog the spreader holes, and unless you’ve got a tow-behind drop spreader it nevertheless won’t paintings properly for you.

We encompass this tool here as it’s beneficial for spreading grass seed. If you’re spreading seed on your lawn or yard surface as you top-dress. But We do opt to use a printed spreader if you have to apply one of the alternatives.

A broadcast spreader has a spinning wheel connected underneath an unmarried hollow from which the compost drops. When the wheel spins, it tosses seed or fertilizer across the garden in place of dropping it under the spreader without delay.

Some people use these spreaders for pleasant, dry compost. However, We don’t endorse that – it’s not a nice manner to do the job.

What Other Materials Can You Use to Top Dress your Lawn?

When pinnacle dressing, the first and most crucial step is choosing what kind of fabric you need to use.

For the pinnacle dressing to be effective. You need to ensure that your preference has a similar texture to the underlying soil.

Applying various textures can form layers in your turf that restrict water and air motion. This can reduce the first-rate turfgrass overall and is the alternative to what you want to do whilst top dressing your backyard.

The maximum famous options are:

  1. Topsoil with a similar consistency to the soil in your garden
  2. Sand (most beneficial for heavy clay lawns that need leveling)
  3. High-grade screened compost (via now you already know that’s my advice)
  4. A mix of these materials

Pros and Cons 

  • Topsoil that mimics the prevailing soil shape smooths out the floor and is good to apply, as well.
  • However, it does now not contain a variety of natural fabrics, and lots of topsoils or farm field loams you buy in bulk will incorporate weed seeds.
  • Sand is used totally on golfing guides and especially on man-made grass and synthetic turf. When it’s combined with dense clay soils, it facilitates drainage.
  • We don’t endorse which you use quality sand over coarse-textured soil until you’re seeking to do a little mild leveling on your yard.

Homeowners often use a mixture of the materials mentioned above to create a price-effective combo much like existing soil. And you mustn’t use the same material each time you top get dressed in your backyard.

  • In most instances, a mixture of topsoil, sand, and compost works properly.
  • You should purchase materials from your nearby garden facilities, nurseries, and panorama corporations if you want topsoil or sand introduced in bulk.

Arrange transport of these products onto your driveway so that your garden grass isn’t smothered and tire tracks aren’t left in your yard.

We normally lay out a tarp on my driveway for the bulk materials to be dumped. Which makes smooth-up a snap.

Conclusions on Top Dressing Lawn and Yards

Lawn care in no way ends. A picture-perfect garden needs chronic care to make sure it gets the vitamins it calls for.
After topdressing your garden effectively, the following aspect you want is endurance.

You might need to reapply the top dressing, and the effects would possibly take a while. However, quite soon you may get on a schedule of pinnacle-dressing and over-seeding as soon as every few years and your lawn will live looking terrific with minimal effort.

Top dressing your lawn, if done successfully, will improve water and nutrient retention. Drainage, and so much greater, and it’s a time-tested approach to achieve fantastic effects in your backyard.