Pothos Yellow Leaves

Pothos Yellow Leaves Are Turning Yellow Top 6 Reasons

Pothos Yellow Leaves How To Fix It?

Pothos is a plant that requires less maintenance and it is easy to grow. That’s why many people love it as a houseplant. But it doesn’t mean that you completely don’t have to care for your photo plant. Pothos leaves start turning yellow when we completely ignore the plants and don’t provide necessary requirements for this. If you see Pothos Yellow Leaves you get worried about what happened to your plants. In this Gardening Pool article, we will discuss a complete guide on why your pothos leaves are turning yellow and what you will have to fix when you see Pothos Yellow Leaves. So, Let’s get started.

6 Reasons Of Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow:


Here are the 6 main reasons why your pothos plant leaves are turning yellow. We will give you a complete detailed guide about the problems and then a solution of these problems. Don’t worry if your pothos leaves are already turned into yellow or it’s leaves start turning yellow. By following our guide you can revive your pothos leaves and turn them into the green.

1. It’s Getting Too Much Direct SunLight 


Pothos Plants In Sunlight

Pothos Plants In Sunlight

Pothos is a type of plant that requires a low amount of sunlight. Like all other plants, pothos also doesn’t like too much direct sunlight. By giving too much sunlight to the pothos it starts showing signs of burning and we see the pothos’ yellow leaves.

You can grow pothos easily in shady areas or indoors by providing them with low amounts of indirect sunlight. That’s the reason pothos is a very famous house plant as it is a low light plant.

If your pothos plant leaves are changing their color by placing them in the sunlight then move the plant to some shadier place. You can also provide your photos with the required amount of sunlight by hanging the curtains between the plants and sunlight so in this way you can filter the amount of sunlight.

2.Too Much Or Less Fertilizer

Fertilizing Pothos Plant

Fertilizing Pothos Plant

When you are growing your pothos in a potting medium there is no need to give any fertilizer to the pothos. However, some people want to boost the growth of their pothos fast so they enrich the soil of pothos every month by fertilizing.

For the best plant growth, you should at least have to use fertilizer every 2-3 months.

It is best you should use good quality fertilizer or not use nutrients that are harmful for your plants. Also, don’t use too much fertilizer for your plants; it will be dangerous for the plants.

Using too much fertilizer can have a negative impact on the plants. It can affect the growth of the plants and even it’s leaves turn into yellow.

3.It’s Getting Too Much Water ( Overwatering)


Watering Pothos Plants

Watering Pothos Plants

If you see Pothos yellow leaves all over the plants, overwatering is the reason behind it. Soil of the plant remains wet by giving too much water. The root of the pothos plant starts getting rot by overwatering if it too happens frequently.

Once the root starts to rot it has a negative impact on the plants as it cannot get its nutrients from the soil. Which means your plant cannot continue their growth as it’s not getting enough food and nutrients for their growth. The leaves of the plants start turning yellow or even fall off due to the lack of nutrients.

To prevent this it is best to dry out the soil before watering the plants again. Before watering, test the soil by pushing your index finger halfway into the soil. If your finger comes out wet don’t give water to the plant yet until it’s soil gets dry.

You can remove the plant from the pot to check if the root rot is the reason for the pothos leaves turning yellow. If you see the root in white it means the root is healthy and not the root. There must be other reasons that cause the leaves to yellow.

4.Fungal Disease


pothos yellow leaves

Pothos Fungal Disease

If you frequently overwater your pothos and allow the pothos soil to remain wet, then surely soil fungi make their home in that soil. Due to fungi growth, pothos can’t get enough nutritions and it’s roots start to rot which eventually results in plants death.

If you regularly water your house plant then it’s stamp will remain damp, which may cause the growth of fungus due to which your leaves start turning yellow or eventually die.

Avoid watering your houseplant regularly and allow the soil to completely dry out before watering it again. Generally, these types of plants don’t require regular water. If they get regular water their soil starts to get fungi.

5.Underwatering Pothos Plants


Underwatering pothos Plants

Underwatering pothos Plants

If you unpotted your house plants to see the rooted rot to know if the rooted rot is the reason behind it. There could be a reason that your leaves are turning yellow because it is under watered.

The signs of watering and underwatering of pothos house plants are very similar to each other.

When the plant is lacking water it starts to sustain supplies and energy, which result in leading the plants leaves turning yellow or fall of the plants.

6.Due To Renewal Of Older Leaves

pothos yellow leaves

Pothos Plant Renewal

If you see pothos’ yellow leaves sometimes it could be normal, not any big problem you have to worry about. First, check those leaves which are turning yellow and dropping Off. 

Sometimes pothos like many other house plants shed their older leaves to make a place for new foliage. If the older leaves are turning yellow and then falling off near the bottom of the stemp you should consider it normal and it is Okay.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)


Should I Cut yellow leaves Off Pothos?

Yes, you should cut off the yellow leaves as it indicates that the root is starting to rot which is the reason behind the leaves turning yellow. If more than a third of the pothos leaves turn yellow, trim it over time instead of cutting so many leaves at a time. If the roots are rotted you cannot save your plant.

What do you do when pothos leaves turn yellow?

Yellow pothos leaves show the symptoms that your plants are facing a disease and need your extra care. You need to adjust your plant’s care routine if you want to save your plant by giving it proper watering, balancing nutritions to the soil, or by giving a certain amount of sunlight and temperature.

Can Yellow pothos leaves turn green again?

Yes, Yellow pothos leaves can possibly turn green again if the overwatering problem is caught early. If you are unable to resolve the soil mist problem, leaves continue to turn yellow eventually all leaves fall off.