Pilea Glauca

Pilea Glauca Plant Care Guide

Pilea Glauca Vital Care Guide

Pilea glauca, occasionally additionally called Pilea libanensis or Silver Sparkle Pilea. Is an unusual and exquisite houseplant with loads of cascading grey leaves that may be a sheer pride to develop. I had wanted to share with you all my developing suggestions for this plant. In addition to where you can buy your personal.

I have evolved a unique working relationship with a fantastic grower of tropical vegetation so I will percentage that with you quickly. So whether you call it Pilea glauca or libanensis, depart it to the botanists to determine that out. I’m here to give my most crucial care tips for this dainty little houseplant.

Pilea Glauca Care

There are so many one-of-a-kind types of flora in the Pilea genus. Take an examination of the distinction between Pilea glauca and Pilea peperomioides.

Really, there may be a Pilea for all of us, and those are simply species.

Pilea glauca is a totally distinctive-looking species that has reddish stems and a large quantity of small, cascading, tiny gray leaves.

I truly believe that it is easy to grow. However, it isn’t a plant that you can forget for lengthy durations of time. Pilea Plant does require special interest to watering to appearance it is fine.

It is a totally rewarding plant to grow indoors, and it adds a special touch to any houseplant collection.

It seems notable in a striking basket. Or just cascading over your plant shelf. I’ve even grown this plant in annual baskets outside as nicely and used it as an annual.

So, how do you care for Pilea glauca?


I could suggest putting this plant without delay in front of a window that gets bright indirect mild all-day

Even up to three hours of morning solar (particularly inside the winter) may be very beneficial.

That’s actually all there is to it where mild is worried.

I’m developing my own plant in my sunroom inside the corner which faces North and East so it does get some direct morning sun.

It can reportedly make a great terrarium plant and grow nicely below artificial mild. I’m simply going to be making a terrarium so I can also just add a few and will update this put up if I do!


If you have a heavy hand with your watering can, you will want to exercise a bit of restraint on this plant. If you preserve this plant too moist. It may quite simply rot out on you.

So NEVER let this plant sit in water for extended intervals of time. After you water, be sure that all the excess water is discarded and that the lowest of the pot. Also, get to know where the drainage holes are and it is not sitting in water.

If you can strike a stability in soil moisture, and provide the recommended light for this plant as described above. You’ll be golden!

Allow up to half of or so of the pot’s soil to dry out. But don’t wait too long that each one of the soil dries out. You will begin to lose a variety of leaves if this takes place.

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I like to use a certain potting mix recipe for this plant as it desires awesome drainage and desires to dry out pretty quickly. This blend could also paintings for plants like succulents.


This plant does well in average indoor situations. If you are cozy, your plant may be secure too!

No unique provisions want to be made for this plant. Although better humidity will benefit this plant. It does simply best in average indoor situations.

Not all strategies to raise humidity are powerful. So make certain to examine the publish I connected to above in order that your vegetation can truly benefit. I also communicate about my absolute favorite humidifier in that publish so make sure not to overlook it.


Pilea glauca can be easily propagated by taking stem cuttings and truly laying them on a pinnacle of soil.

Cut segments that might be 2-3 inches long or so (2-4cm) and lay them on a pinnacle of the soil surface. Be sure that the surface is flat so you have the correct touch with the soil.

Keep the soil enormously moist, and having higher humidity even as propagating is surely very beneficial and will increase your success rate drastically.

You can region the pot in a clear plastic bag until the cuttings have rooted. Be sure to open the bag each day or in an effort to air it out.

This will lower the chances of rotting and mold increase