Legal Action Claims Vince McMahon of WWE Involved in Sex Trafficking; Brock Lesnar Mentioned in Allegations

Legal Action Claims Vince McMahon of WWE Involved in Sex Trafficking; Brock Lesnar Mentioned in Allegations

On Thursday, former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit accusing long-time WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon of sexual abuse and sex trafficking within the company.

As reported by Khadeeja Safdar of the Wall Street Journal, Grant had signed a nondisclosure agreement in 2022, agreeing to remain silent about her allegations and her relationship with McMahon in exchange for $3 million.

In her lawsuit, Grant claims that the payments ceased after an initial $1 million, prompting her to seek the voidance of the agreement and sue for unspecified damages.

Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that McMahon had instructed Grant to “create personalized sexual content for a WWE superstar that he was trying to re-sign.” Although the lawsuit does not name the professional wrestler, it describes him as both a UFC fighter and WWE talent. People familiar with the matter identified the wrestler as Brock Lesnar, one of WWE’s prominent figures.

The lawsuit, filed against WWE, Vince McMahon, and former WWE head of talent relations John Laurinaitis, accuses McMahon of pressuring Janel Grant into sexual situations and demeaning her in exchange for a job at WWE as an administrator-coordinator in the legal department, a position she secured after meeting McMahon in 2019.

According to the lawsuit, in June 2021, McMahon and another executive allegedly locked Grant in her office, where they took turns sexually assaulting her. Additionally, Grant claimed that a few days later, McMahon forcibly confined her in his private locker room and assaulted her.

Grant asserted that McMahon sent explicit text messages about her to both her and other individuals within WWE, and she submitted screenshots as evidence in the lawsuit. In one such text, McMahon allegedly wrote to Grant, stating, “i’m the only one who owns U and controls who I want to f— U.”

McMahon is accused of sending explicit photos of Janel Grant to others within WWE. When individuals within the organization expressed interest in engaging in sexual activities with Grant after viewing the photos on McMahon’s phone, he allegedly responded with a text stating, “She may scream and try to say NO!! although it would B difficult to say anything with a c— down her throat.”

Grant claims McMahon instructed her on multiple occasions to visit John Laurinaitis’ hotel rooms and engage in sexual activities with him before workdays.

Concerning Brock Lesnar, Grant alleges that after Lesnar signed a new contract, McMahon allegedly texted her, stating, “that part of the deal was f—ing U.”

According to the lawsuit, McMahon provided Lesnar with Grant’s cellphone number, and Lesnar purportedly requested a video of her urinating. Lesnar, who is married to former WWE star Sable, allegedly expressed a desire to “set a play date” in December 2021, but plans were canceled due to a snowstorm.

According to the lawsuit, Janel Grant claims that Vince McMahon pressured her into signing a nondisclosure agreement in January 2022, prompted by McMahon’s wife, Linda McMahon, discovering their relationship.

In July 2022, McMahon retired from WWE amidst reports that he had paid multiple women $14.6 million to maintain silence regarding sexual encounters with him and accusations of sexual misconduct.

Following a WWE board of directors investigation, it was revealed that McMahon had inappropriately neglected to report these payments as business expenses. As a result, he was obligated to reimburse the company for the costs associated with the investigation.

Grant alleges that WWE attempted to downplay her claims of sexual assault by shifting the focus of the investigation towards the payments and their reporting.

In January 2023, McMahon made a comeback to WWE and played a pivotal role in facilitating the sale of the company to Endeavor Group Holdings, the owner of UFC. This led to the amalgamation of WWE and UFC under the banner of TKO Group Holdings, with McMahon assuming the role of executive chairman.

Recently, on Tuesday, the 78-year-old McMahon was present at the New York Stock Exchange representing the TKO contingent. This appearance followed the announcement that WWE had secured a reported 10-year, $5 billion deal for Raw to be featured on Netflix starting in 2025.

As of now, neither McMahon, Laurinaitis, nor Lesnar have made any statements regarding the allegations. However, McMahon’s lawyer, Jerry McDevitt, stated in 2022 that McMahon had engaged in a consensual relationship with Grant, who was not identified by name at that time.

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