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Store Onions Guides, Steps:

How to store onions properly is a question that most home cooks occasionally ponder. If you’re one of those who never appear to have enough garage area for onions, then you definitely oughtn’t to sense terrible. Many people have experienced this catch 22 situations at some point in time.

Store Onions

How To Store Onions Guide:

We spend so much time and money storing our food in various containers that it starts to get a bit mind-numbing. So what’s a creative onion-storage method that can free up more storage space? Let’s explore some of the methods you can organize your store-fronts.

Step 1:

When storing your onions, you want to keep them in their sealed bag, preferably in a Ziploc (or equivalent) plastic bag, inside a refrigerator that has a lid. Organize your shopping, make shopping lists easy, make grocery lists fast, & eliminate guesswork. Onions can be utilized in so many recipes around the globe. Chances are they’re on your grocery list way more often than not when you purchase them.

Step 2:

However, don’t you also understand how to store onions in your dry, cool place when you purchase them? Garlic, just like onions, also has a strong smell when they’re fresh. Keeping them in a plastic bag inside a plastic fridge with a lid can help keep the smell down while simultaneously maintaining the onions fresh.

Step 3:

However, I’ve found that onions will spoil quicker if they’re stored in their bags or containers in the refrigerator. I typically throw away the unopened ones after only five days. It’s not that the onions smell bad once they’re opened, but they lose their crispness quicker than cooking onions do. Keep an eye out for fresh onions while they’re still crisp & unopened. Then, after five days, seal them up in a plastic container and store them in your refrigerator.

Step 4:

Probably the most effective way of storing your onions is by tying them up into a rope & using them inside your fridge. There are numerous ways you can tie a rope. It depends on the length of the pieces of onion you want to use. If you have several smaller onions, you could secure them together & place them in a drawer. This way, you always have a good supply of raw onions, which you can use whenever you desire.

Store Onions Facts:

A few other onion storage suggestions include cutting them into thin slices using scissors & placing them into a brown paper bag with a lid. You can also cut them into thin pieces using a hand knife or your finger. Another suggestion is to put your potatoes in your freezer for a couple of days & put all the onions in a brown paper bag. Once the potatoes are frozen, you can remove the paper bag & freeze the rest of the onions. Keeping your onions in an airtight container will keep them fresh for up to a year.

How To Store Onions

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