Store Bell Peppers Ultimate Guide In 2021


How Store Bell Peppers Guide:

So you’ve just again from the grocery store with a clean haul of bell peppers, purchased at a sale price too reasonable to skip up. Or perhaps, you’ve been growing bell peppers and need to spread out your harvest during the year. Whatever your cause for abruptly entering a huge batch of your preferred vegetables, knowing how to save bell peppers will take you an extended manner.

This great crop merits tons extra than a short shelf lifestyle on your crisper drawer, especially if you don’t plan on consuming your bell peppers proper away, you don’t want to chance to lose them simply due to the fact you aren’t privy to the nice way to keep bell peppers. Not to worry.

Your fresh produce stays crispy even longer with just a few easy recommendations and recipes for storing inexperienced peppers and red peppers alike.

There are several special methods available, with plenty of scrumptious recipes to add to your personal cookbook.

How to Store Bell Peppers

Storing Bell Peppers Guide:

The pleasant element about bell peppers is they may be part of so many different flavors and recipes. If you want sweet or spicy peppers, there are plenty of techniques available to maintain those tastes fresh and sturdy.

They are also a great veggie to shop with different peppers or even different canned greens like pickles and zucchini.

Selecting the Right Peppers To Start:

Before you get began making ready and storing your peppers, make certain you’re deciding on the proper ones for the batch, specifically whilst choosing vegetables for a longer-time period garage.

No count what color, whether or not crimson or green peppers and the entirety in among, make certain you’re deciding on ones with a glittery outdoors and no traces of wrinkling or bruising.

This is also the identical technique to follow to keep sparkling beets and different varieties of produce. You always need the pleasant specimens so they may be remaining longer and feature precise taste.

How to Store Bell Peppers

Fresh Peppers Only

Stay away from moldy objects and most effective persist with fresh peppers. If there are any darkish spots or unsightly blemishes on the pepper, select every other one. The firmness of the pepper is essential. This texture way the crispness may also be found in your peppers in a while down the road.

Determine Where to Store Peppers

One thing you need to don’t forget before figuring out in which to save your peppers is how long you are making plans on maintaining them, just like when you shop for avocados or other sparkling produce.

If you’re going to hold your peppers safe and at ease for lengthy-time period use, persist with a process like canning, dehydrating, or freezing them to preserve them fresher longer.

However, if you plan on the use of them proper away, or maybe within every week or, bear in mind an alternative technique. You don’t need to undergo all the introduced steps of drying or canning them, in case you aren’t making plans on the usage for a long time.

Instead, the usage of a few easy renovation techniques to keep them crisp and wholesome for some greater days is all you need. Once you understand how lengthy it is going to be earlier than the usage of them, the less difficult it will likely be to make your selection on how to shop them.

The Best Way to Store Bell Peppers Whole:

If you want to save your bell peppers whole, you most effectively have one alternative available: a quick-time period garage. That’s right! Every different garage alternative will ask you to reduce the peppers up in advance of time considering that this permits them to be packed up simpler and retain a maximum of their flavor.

The most effective manner to keep bell peppers is with the aid of putting them within the refrigerator. Doing this is an excellent manner to save them as well seeing that they deteriorate quicker in the refrigerator while breaking up.

How to Store Bell Peppers

How to Store Cut Bell Peppers:

Cut bell peppers paintings for nearly every different answer besides for the refrigerator. If you need to keep reduce or chopped peppers within the fridge, make certain you toss them out after three days. Even if they would commonly closing weeks in the refrigerator, throw them out as soon as split.

They will typically display signs and symptoms of growing older besides, including a slimy or moldy outdoors. If you are storing them in the freezer, cans, or as part of the drying process, however, you will genuinely need to reduce them up beforehand of time.

This step is critical with bell peppers because you want to put off the seeds before storing long term. When canning, reduce them into quarters or slices. For freezing and drying, it’s miles higher to stick to thinner slices.

How to Store Bell Peppers inside the Fridge:

When storing bell peppers inside the refrigerator, make certain they’re free of moisture earlier than placing them within the crisper. If they may be damp, wipe them with a paper towel. Another remarkable way to preserve them longer is by means of placing them in a grocery bag.

Most of that baggage is mesh and feature lots of holes to allow for a good enough waft of air to attain the pepper. This part is vital for preserving the fresh, crispy exceptional of your inexperienced bell peppers.

If you don’t have a mesh bag, you could usually make your personal with the aid of poking holes in a plastic bag earlier than setting it into the vegetable drawer. After that, your pepper is good for about a week. Green peppers remaining even longer than the yellow and purple peppers.

Store Bell Peppers

Storing Bell Peppers inside the Freezer

A popular technique in meal storage is freezing. This method allows for a whole lot greater extended use of the food without adverse the taste and texture an excessive amount of. Start by using setting the cut bell peppers on a cookie sheet using simplest a single layer of peppers to cowl the lowest.

Do not permit any of the peppers to overlap or lay over each other, so they freeze lightly. Freeze peppers on the cookie sheet for about one hour by leaving them uncovered inside the freezer.

Afterward, place them in an airtight field or freezer bags with all the air sucked out of them while packaging. Remove as an awful lot of air from the bags as feasible. A vacuum sealer is good, but no longer vital.

How to Dry Bell Peppers:

Another wonderful manner to store bell peppers is with the aid of drying them. After preparing and slicing them, blanch the peppers. Boil the peppers in warm water for about 4 minutes earlier than placing them in icy cold water to chill.

Put your bell peppers on the trays with parchment paper and prepared them for the dehydrating process. Set your dehydrator in step with the manufacturer’s settings and permit numerous hours for the peppers to dry.

This method typically takes around 8 hours to finish, however, take a look at the progress to make certain time beyond regulation isn’t wanted. Seal them in a hermetic container and store them in your pantry.

Store Bell Peppers


Once you narrow open the veggie, it begins to lose water much quicker. That water ends up on the lowest of the field, which speeds up the lack of pleasant.

To sluggish that down, recall setting a paper towel inside the field. It will seize any water and prevent the peppers from getting slimy too quickly.


Technically, not sincerely. I mean, they don’t hold bell peppers inside the refrigerated section within the grocery store, do they?

If you intend on the usage of clean bell peppers the day after today, you could go away from them on the countertop. The best will degrade a piece overnight, but that’s about it.

Nevertheless, bloodless storage is desired and a should if you need to shop bell peppers for greater than more than one day.


Whole bell peppers last as long as two weeks if saved nicely, even as cut ones approximately five days. Any cooked dish with bell peppers most possibly gained it keep for more than 5 days.

No matter when you have pink, yellow, green, or maybe orange bell peppers reachable, they all final approximately the same length. Depending at the supply, that’s between per week and weeks.

I had bell peppers in storage for more than per week multiple instances, so I’d argue that weeks is an extra specific evaluation.
Cut peppers lose moisture a lot quicker; consequently, their garage time is limited to approximately 5 days. Remember to use the paper towel trick to get the ones complete in five or even six days.

When it involves cooked dishes, I quite a lot continually recommend completing the leftovers in 3 to four days. If they sit down inside the refrigerator for more than 5 days, it’s time for them to move.

Store Bell Peppers


Your bell pepper is spoiled when:

  1. It’s rotten or moldy. As traditional, you could reduce off small regions, but in the event that they’re large sufficient, it’s time to throw out the veggie.
  2. It’s wrinkled, tender, slimy, or feels hollow. All of these are caused by loss of moisture. Again, small sunken spots are okay, however, if the pepper is gentle to touch, it’s long past.
  3. There’s something wrong odor- or look-sensible. If you don’t feel like the veggie is perfectly okay for consumption, accept it as true with your gut, and discard it.
  4. It sits for too long in the garage. That approach more than three weeks for entire peppers and greater than every week for reducing or cooked ones.
  5. Technically they won’t be horrific, but it’s better to err at the side of caution.
  6. After multiple days in storage, the first-rate starts off evolved to degrade.

Typical adjustments include:

  • wrinkling
  • small tender spots
  • loss of weight or size

Either of these is normal as long as the signs are moderate. But when the high-quality drops under a positive threshold, it’s time to let go of the peppers.

As typical, it’s not possible to tell whilst that occurs. In the stop, it’s as much as you to determine if your bell peppers are nevertheless properly sufficient to consume. When unsure, throw them out.

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