How To Grow Money Plant Faster

How To Grow Money Plant Faster Complete Guide

How To Grow Money Plant Faster

Money Plants are famous indoor pants that bring good prosperity, wealth, and good luck to the home according to Feng Shui. It cleans the air around us so we can breathe fresh air. If you are willing to grow money plants to decorate your balcony. You need some expert to give you tips on how to grow money plants faster? 

If you care your money plant with the right assistance this plant can upraise your interiors with a beautiful appearance. There is a misunderstanding that the money plant does not require any care to grow. As this plant requires little effort to grow it does not mean that it won’t require any water, fertilizer, or light. 

This plant is easy to grow and requires less maintenance with less fuss. You just need to do some extra work while propagation and it will grow taller rapidly. In this article, we will give you a complete guide on growing money plants. So let’s get started.


The First and best tip for growing your money plant faster is to place it in the water first and let the plant grow its roots in the water. As its roots grow in water it signifies its growth faster and after that place your money plant in the soil.


To grow money plant faster sunlight is another crucial factor that is needed. This indoor money plant requires a significant amount of sunlight for its food fusion process or photosynthesis. It can survive even in low light but exposing it to brighter light will help it to grow faster. If you want to grow your money plant faster place it near the window in the direction of sunlight.


The money plant loves water a lot make sure to give water to your plant at the frequent time of intervals. Try not to overwater the plant it will ruin it. Every time before watering check the soil if it’s stuck to your fingers it means the soil is moist and there is no need to water your plant water it only when the soil is dry. In summer water the plant every 7- 10 days and in winter give it once every 2-3 weeks.


Another tip for you is to use nitrate-based fertilizer as a money plant is not a flowering plant. It is best to use a water-soluble fertilizer. To grow the plant feed the fertilizer to the plant once a month during the summer and spring seasons. Don’t fertilize the plant during the winter season because it slows down its natural growth. It is best to dampen the soil before fertilizing it.

Potting and Re-potting

Making sure that the money plant remains root-bound will speed up its growth. It is best to start with a smaller pot so that roots can move around without much spreading. It may be possible to re-pot it in a bigger pot at some point.

Climb it Up

Climbing is one of the favorite activities of money plants. A plastic or glass pole can be used for that purpose. As a result of these poles, the plant will hike more appropriately and grow more quickly. If you add ropes to it, it will swirl around. The stems can also be tied until they reach the pinnacle. Another tip for growing money plants faster is to ensure that they climb up properly. It is essential to keep this tip in mind since climbing is not something that can be skipped. As a result, you can help the money plant grow faster.


Pruning is another important factor you should know about. To promote healthier growth, plants require regular pruning just like you do with your hair. Make your plant look bushier by pruning it whenever it is overgrown or has dead leaves and branches. A plant shop can easily sell you pruning shears for pruning your plants.

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Final Thoughts

If you are growing your money plant at home, keep these points in mind. To thrive well every plant requires care and assistance. You would want the money plants to last a long time since they bring wealth, prosperity, good luck, and happiness. And for that, you would have to put a little effort into it.

You can also get your money plant online from Amazon for your patio or balcony. We hope that the guide we share with you will prove helpful for you and you will be able to grow your money plant easily. If you need any assistance let us know in a comment Thanks!

How long does a money plant take to grow?

These Plants grow slowly about 2 inches a year. It can reach high up to 6 feet with a 3 food spread. These plants can grow in indoors and can live up to 100 years with good care.

Does money plants need water every day?

It is best to water your plant once in every 1-2 weeks and before watering make sure the soil is dry.

How do money plant roots grow faster?

To Make the money plant roots grow faster place them in water and fertilize some soluble sodium nitrate.