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What Is Hydrangeas Bloom?

The question of how often do hydrangeas bloom can be answered with a single answer: any time. Hydrangea blooms throughout the year, but some blooms happen more often than others. Spring, for example, has some of the most spectacular and colorful hydrangeas. In the summertime, some of the lushest and impressive varieties of hydrangeas can be seen all over the nation.

Hydrangeas Bloom

Types Of Hydrangeas 

There are two types of hydrangeas. One is an actual hydrangea, which is a plant that produces real flowers. These flowers grow in the same manner as any other flower type, but real hydrangeas’ growth pattern is different. They have large stalks, but there is no flower bud at the top. It makes it easier to confuse the hydrangea with other plants or flowers.

Hydrangeas Bloom

Other than the size and the difference in appearance, there is not much difference between the bulbs and the oakleaf hydrangeas leave. The most important thing to remember about hydrangeas is that they must be planted in very rich, loamy soil. The loamy soil helps the roots develop strong and healthy structures that will hold the bulbs in place throughout their flowering season. In addition to well-rotted soil, the plant also needs an adequate amount of sunlight.

When Hydrangeas Bloom And Why?

Some hydrangeas bloom in the late spring only. The late-blooming varieties may have fewer blooms than the early-flowering types. The most famous late spring variety is the African violet hydrangea. This variety starts appearing on the garden landscape in late spring and stays until the summer. When do hydrangeas bloom in the spring?

Hydrangeas Bloom

When do hydrangeas bloom in the summer? Most people refer to the big leaf hydrangeas as a separate class all by themselves. Many people incorrectly believe that panicle hydrangeas and the big leaf varieties only bloom in the summer. This is incorrect. Both the big leaf and the panicle varieties can survive even during the winter. What is the difference between the two?

Both the early fall blooms and the big leaf varieties do not flower until after the first frost. Therefore, they both bloom in the fall, but the early fall blooms are in season for the pollination process while the bigleaf hydrangeas are not. You may notice that some of the hybrid varieties, such as the African violet and the black-eyed Susan, are in a season even though they do not bloom until December or January in the southern states. The explanation behind this is that they are cross-pollinated with the black-eyed Susan hybrid.

Hydrangeas Bloom

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