How To Care Begonia Maculata

Begonia maculata

Begonia Maculata Care  Begonia maculata or Polka Dot begonia as it’s regularly known as is a splashy display-stopper that appears great with its olive inexperienced leaves and contrasting spots. It is a houseplant that is likely to show heads in your house, and fortuitously it is not too difficult to take care of. Let’s get … Read more

Peperomia Clusiifolia Care Guide 2023

Peperomia Clusiifolia

  Peperomia Clusiifolia Care  Peperomia clusiifolia is a succulent native from Southern Florida to Central America. Normally grown as a potted houseplant due to its potential to thrive interior. It belongs to the massive Peperomia circle of relatives. Which includes over 1000+ species of broadly speaking succulent perennial flowers. If you do not need to … Read more

Peperomia Serpens Care, Propagation Guide

Pilea Glauca

Peperomia Serpens Care Tips Growing better called the vining peperomia. But, this member of the Piperaceae’s own family gained be overtaking your property any time soon. This small Peperomia hails from tropical South and Central America. It turned into previously known as Peperomia Serpens. This smooth-to-develop Peperomia can deal with neglect for durations of time. … Read more

Hemigraphis Repanda: Dragon’s Tongue Plant Care

hemigraphis repanda

Hemigraphis Repanda (Dragon’s Tongue) Plant Care  Dragon’s Tongue additionally referred to as Hemigraphis repanda. Belongs to the acanthaceae family and is native to Malaysia and India. The half medical name Hemigraphis is a Greek word. Hemi means 1/2 and graphics approach a stylus or paintbrush. On the alternative hand. It refers to the plant’s wavy … Read more

NJoy Pothos Plant Care Guide

njoy pothos

NJoy Pothos Care  Epipremnum also called Njoy Pothos plant life is one of the few a hit genera enjoyed in houses and places of work. Hailing from the Araceae family, these beautiful perennials resemble philodendrons in many approaches. Several types of Pothos cultivars have been marketed. This includes the beautiful Epipremnum Pothos Njoy with its … Read more

Sansevieria Zeylanica (Snake Plants) Care

Sansevieria Zeylanica

Sansevieria Zeylanica Care Guide  Sansevieria zeylanica, extra normally identified as bowstring hemp, is an evergreen perennial plant. It’s native to the South East Asian Region, specifically determined in India and Sri Lanka. A very near relative of the mother-in-law’s tongue. It’s vividly inexperienced with appropriate leaf stripes. Sturdy and hardy, this plant can tolerate a … Read more

How To Care Dracaena Janet Craig Plant

Dracaena Janet Craig Plant Care

Dracaena Janet Craig Plant Care  Dracaena Janet Craig is an interior workhorse, famous for decades. Used often as a floor plant in interior conditions or mass planted in beds. Survives in low mild tiers, grow exceptional in filtered light. The Dracaena Janet Craig plant is for an interior workhorse. And one of the most famous … Read more