Calathea Musaica

How To Care Calathea Musaica

Calathea Musaica Care By Gardening Pool

Calathea Musaica Care family of vegetation that is notoriously tough to take care of but luckily for you human beings seem to have a chunk extra success with the Musaica. It combines stunningly tricky foliage, and less complicated care necessities than many different Calatheas. Making this a brilliant houseplant to grow. Our Gardening Pool Guide covers the whole thing you need to understand about Calathea musaica care to maintain your plant thriving year after 11 months.

Calathea Musaica Light Requirements

Calathea Musaica is used to developing below a canopy of different leaves and vegetation so is used to dappled light. If they may be uncovered to direct daylight it is able to scorch and harm their leaves. With this in mind, we would suggest supplying this plant with medium to vibrant indirect sunlight. A north or east-facing windowsill can be an excellent region for this plant or in case you want to location it. Close to a south or west dealing with a window which could work too. You just may additionally want to pull the plant again from the window or upload a sheer curtain to shield it.

Calathea Musaica Watering Tips

Like many different forms of Calathea they decide from being moist to being left to dry out. If they are left to dry out they might suffer so it’s higher to water them frequently. Once every week may be a great quantity of time in your plant. However, don’t be afraid to paste your finger inside the soil and test the moisture stage for yourself. Although they prefer being wet they don’t need to be watered each day or something that regularly as you don’t need to plant sitting in soggy soil. We might recommend watering your Calathea Musaica with filtered or distilled water. If you use faucet water for a prolonged time period you could discover the guidelines in their leaves beginning to brown.

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Musaica Humidity Requirements

As Calathea Musaica comes from the tropics it has to come as no wonder that they choose to live in environments with high humidity. They can tolerate mild humidity but in case you maintain them in dry surroundings you could note browning on the guidelines.

Soil Type

Although a Calathea Musaica desires to be saved wet it’s additionally essential that you use properly draining soil that your plant is not sitting in water. We would propose you use a nicely balanced well-draining potting mix.


As Calathea Musaica is at the beginning from the tropics they prefer to be in barely hotter situations. They can take quite a heat temperature so long as the air doesn’t grow to be too dry as an end result but if the temperature drops too much you might find your plant suffers. Try to hold your plant in situations above 17°C 61°F. In addition to this in addition they don’t like being close to a radiator or a draft as each can damage the plant.


You can feed your Musaica with plant feed but make sure you dilute it as if the fertilizer is too sturdy it can purpose burning on the leaves. Only fertilize at some stage in the developing season and you may restrict it to once a fortnight or as soon as a month.


You received need to repot your Calathea Musaica very regularly as they’re now not fast-developing plant life, nor do they mind being a touch root sure. In reality, Calathea pick being in quite comfortable pots. Check the lowest of your pots for signs and symptoms of roots poking out the lowest. However. you shouldn’t want to repot your plant extra than every one or two years. And even then. You’ll likely best want to move up one pot size.

Calathea Musaica care practices consist of:

  1. Bright oblique light
  2. Regular waterings
  3. High humidity
  4. Well draining soil
  5. Warm situations
  6. Diluted fertilizer

Calathea Musaica FAQS

These frequently requested questions on Calathea Musaica care have to assist to fill in any of the gaps. That we had have overlooked in our care manual and you might locate what they deal with. Some of the troubles or questions you have got concerning your Calathea Musaica.

How do you propagate Calathea Musaica?

The high-quality manner to propagate your Calathea Musaica is with the aid of the root department. This plant will no longer propagate through a cutting. The fine manner to do this is to watch for new shoots to grow up out of the soil that is slightly far from the primary part of the plant. When this takes place take your plant out of its plant and gently need the soil whilst pulling the segments away from each other. Be careful not to interrupt any of the essential roots as this can damage the plant. Once you have your separate segments repot these and water as common. Make certain you propagate your plant at the beginning of spring so it has the entire growing season beforehand of it.

How do you take care of Calathea Musaica?

Basically, to take care of a Calathea Musaica you need to provide it with warmth and humidity. Water it often, and discover a bright spot for it out of direct daylight. If you need even greater specialized care then filter the water you operate to water it. With and dilute houseplant feed to fertilize your plant as soon as a fortnight or once a month.

Why are leaves on my Calathea turning brown?

There will be numerous reasons for this. The first being which you are either underwatering your Calathea or it’s not receiving sufficient humidity. The second foremost cause maybe if you’re using faucet water. Using filtered water can assist prevent brown spots from appearing on your Calathea’s leaves. The different feasible motive is that the fertilizer you’re the use of is too sturdy for the plant.

Should I mist my Calathea?

If you stay in a place with low humidity or you don’t have a humidifier already installation then you definitely have to simply be misting your Calathea. Calathea is flowers that advantage from excessive tiers of humidity and without them. Their leaves can suffer and they will expand brown spots and crispy pointers. Misting your plant life does not take long but in case you don’t have time then please do not forget to make an investment in a humidifier.