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What to Look For in Best Indoor Plant Shelves

You might be considering the best indoor plant shelves for your home garden. Perhaps you have purchased a window unit and now need more plant area inside of your home. Or maybe you have a “green thumb” yourself and are interested in increasing the number and types of plants you can keep for more extended periods. Regardless, you now have some critical decisions to make regarding which indoor plant shelf is best for you.

Indoor Plant Shelves

Different Models Of Shelves:

There are several different models to choose from—one of the best things to do. As mentioned above, is to check the price online. Essentially you have to go to your number one web index (Google in my case) and check price listings for the model you are interested in. whether it be a dark oak or a plastic, wood window plant stand. In many cases, you will get a better deal online than you would at a store.

The first thing you should consider is what sort of plant you are planning to display. It is essential in regards to choosing the right plant stands for your space. Are you thinking about only saying flowering plants? Or are you considering other more decorative plants such as orchids, azaleas, and other taller plants? Dark-colored orchids will look best with a light-colored backing, while red, orange, and blue flowers will look better on darker color backgrounds.

Best Indoor Plant Shelves Facts

  • Additionally, you will need to investigate the type of decor that you currently have. In other words, are you searching for the perfect window plant shelf to complete your decorating scheme, or are you looking for something more functional? I like the former option. If I plan on decorating and using plants during the warmer months, I prefer something useful and beautiful. In the summertime, I look for a way to display plants that don’t usually get much attention. If I am decorating a bedroom closet, I will almost always choose a hanging plant stand above other hanging plants to make it appear roomier and give me a place to store my seasonal items.
  • The best indoor plant shelves I have found are those that are free-standing. It means that they don’t need to be mounted to a wall. They are often made from glass and are available in clear, frosted, or colorful glass. These shelves can also be easily installed above an area that receives ample natural light through skylights, windows, and even skylight inserts. These types of frames allow you to choose any size pots you wish and display any number of flowering plants on each shelf.

Things people Prefer When Buying:

Some people prefer glass tops for their plant shelves. I find them to be a bit cold for my plantings. But, the benefit of the clear sides can be enjoyed no matter what the decor of your room is. Another nice feature that you may like to consider is a shelf guard. It is a simple plastic guard that attaches to the top of the shelf to keep dirt and grime off the beautiful new piece of glass. If you are looking for the best indoor plant shelf and don’t mind spending a little extra money, these guards can be purchased instead of the transparent panels.

Indoor Plant Shelves


  1. When choosing the right plant shelves for your home, there are several things to consider. For example, do you plan to place several pots on the shelves? Will those pots be the flower pots you currently have on the bottom of your cupboards? How many plants will you put on the shelves? You want to make sure that you purchase the best indoor plant shelf that you can afford.
  2. In addition to looking at the type of indoor plant shelf you want to buy, you will also want to consider where you plan to place the shelf. Are you going to put it in a location where light can reach it? Is it in a humid area, or will it need to have an air conditioner installed? Are you looking for a decorative piece of glass, or do you prefer the look of one made from wood? All of these requests should be replied to before you purchase your indoor plant shelf. The best indoor plant shelves will meet all of your requirements.


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