Alocasia Zebrina

How To Care Alocasia Zebrina 2023

Alocasia Zebrina Care Guide

The Alocasia Zebrina is a lovely tropical plant. Its massive leaves actually stand out. However, so do its beautiful zebra-like stems. It’s now not the easiest plant to take care of though and it’s going to drop leaves every now and then. Luckily that is normal and is nothing to worry about. If you take proper care of this plant. It’s going to simplest drop its vintage leaves to make space for huge new leaves.

Humidity and watering

The Alocasia Zebrina is a tropical plant, this means that it desires damp surroundings. If it gets too dry, it’s going to become at risk of pests. Luckily, there is a very simple way to keep this plant humid enough: mist it every so often. It’s fine to do that at least once consistent with a week in the morning. By misting your Alocasia Zebrina, you also save the leaves from becoming dusty. It makes your plant appearance healthier and it is going to be happier with the brought humidity.

When do I water it?

This plant loves humid weather, but that doesn’t suggest it likes to be watered loads. It’s better to underwater this plant barely. Its thick stems contain a variety of moisture, so it may not want to be watered as regularly as you’ll count on. The long stems will get more moisture, because of this it’s quite easy to peer whilst your plant is thirsty. When all stems start to slump barely, its stems are now not full of moisture and it needs to be watered. If simplest an unmarried stem starts to stoop, do not water your plant. A single drooping stem ought to imply that your plant is attempting to update it with a new leaf.

How do I water it?

An easy trick you may use while watering this plant is to water it until water starts to drip out of the drainage hole. When the water is dripping out from the drainage hole. The soil can absorb all the moisture it can. Draining the extra water is crucial to saving your root rot. The Alocasia Zebrina doesn’t like to sit down in wet soil and this can cause root rot quite fast.

If you do not have a pot with drainage hollow. You could use the plastic pot it came in and place it inside of the “permanent” pot. You can see this in the photo above. Now, while you want to water your Alocasia Zebrina. You may elevate out the nursery pot and put it in a sink. Now you can water your plant. Drain the extra water, and placed it again into it is pot without drainage holes.

If that is additionally no longer an option for you, surely water it extra often, however simplest very small portions. The intention is to maintain the soil barely damp. But no longer a lot that your Alocasia sits in moist soil.

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Lift The Pot To Test Its Weight Tips

For a variety of vegetation, you may genuinely touch the soil and if it feels dry, you could water it. This isn’t always the case for this plant. This Alocasia may be very touchy to water. The first-rate manner to decide if it desires a drink (besides the drooping stems). Is to boost the pot and if it feels light, water it. This ought to take a few exercises. So whilst you see your plant drooping. Don’t water it straight away, however, carry it up first. Now you will be in a position to inform what its weight is for the subsequent time.


This plant desires quite a little sunlight. I have it in a room with a south-going-through window. So it gets a whole lot of sun throughout the day. Don’t position it right subsequent to the window even though, this can burn its beautiful, huge leaves. If your plant receives barely yellow leaves. You already know the solar becomes an excessive amount for the plant and you’ll want to move it to a slightly greater shady spot. If you do not have a room with a south-going window, it truly is no trouble! You also can region it subsequent to the window in a west or east dealing with window. These rooms might not get as plenty solar. But with the aid of setting the plant proper next to the window. It’ll nonetheless be sufficient all through the day.

Rotate The Plant

This plant craves daylight, even to such a volume that if you do not deliver it sufficient of this. It will begin to grow its stems longer and longer just to discover the spot with the most daylight. This method that this plant will develop towards the solar. If you don’t pay sufficient interest to this. The plant will develop to at least one aspect, in preference to up. An easy strategy to save you this is to rotate this plant 91 degrees (1 / 3) after whenever you water it. If your plant isn’t always achieving for the solar. You do not need to do something. Your plant is content with its vicinity.


The soil desire may be very important whilst retaining flora. You need to study the particular needs of each plant. As stated earlier in this manual, this plant ought to be underwatered in place of overwatering. Because overwatering could kill it. A way to ensure that the chances of overwatering are reduced is by using very well-draining soil. This will make certain all extra water is tired out of the pot and simplest the minimal required water remains in the back of. As this plant is very sensitive to overwatering, that is perfect. It will best be able to absorb a minimum amount of water and its roots may not be prone to rotting without problems.


The Alocasia Zebrina grows genuinely fast in its developing duration from spring till the early autumn. During this time, you should fertilize the plant every week to offer it the energy it desires to maintain growing so quickly. Always make certain you flush the remnants of the fertilizer out every few months. You can do this by watering the plant very well and letting the water drain through the lowest of the pot. This will keep the soil a habitable region in your plant.

Pot length

The Alocasia Zebrina loves to be root sure in a small pot. So do not repot this plant in a larger pot too speedy. It’s very satisfying to be in a small pot. When you finally do must pass this plant to a larger pot, ensure to do that in small increments. You need the Alocasia to settle in a barely bigger pot quickly to maintain it satisfied. When you notice the roots start to pop out of the bottom of the pot, you realize your Zebrina is a glad plant.


The Alocasia Zebrina is poisonous whilst ingested and the sap from its stem can purpose inflammation to your skin. So it’s first-class to preserve this plant out of reach from small youngsters and pets. This way you may revel in this plant to the fullest and it’ll appear the maximum stunning in the long run.

The size of an Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrinas can range quite a bit in length. From small flowers grown from bulbs to large mature flowers which might be as tall as 4 feet. Other flowers in the Alocasia own family can get tons larger. But the Alocasia Zebrina remains small enough to be a suitable houseplant.

Alocasia Zebrina Characters

Every plant has its very own personal developments, like growing flowers. The Alocasia Zebrina additionally has some man or woman traits that look worse than they definitely are. This phase is to help you apprehend why your plant does what it does and why you shouldn’t blame yourself. For things your plant naturally does.

Dropping leaves Guides:

When an Alocasia Zebrina is growing. It’s going to position out quite some leaves in a quick period of time. Until a certain factor, this has no effect on the plant at all. Once your plant has approximately five leaves, it’s going to start to drop the weakest leaves in a magnificent way. The photo below is what this looks like.

The plant cuts off the nutrients to the weakest leaves to preserve them for a brand new increase. The plant can most effectively sustain 5-6 leaves at once and whilst new leaves are being grown. The vintage and vulnerable ones will die. There is not anything incorrect with this, that is how the plant naturally behaves. There is not any manner to save the leaf and you must see it as a terrific signal that there are new leaves on the way.

Sweating leaves Tips

When you contend with your Alocasia Zebrina. You might have seen water drops at the leaves before. These seem whilst your plant is a little overwatered and it’s looking to sweat the excess water off. With the aid of letting it escape from tiny pores within the leaves. This isn’t any motive for concern, the plant is first-rate. However, it is true to preserve in thoughts for watering subsequent time.