Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Plant Care Guide

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Plant Care Guide

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Overview

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor is a rare houseplant also known as “camouflage plant” bcause of it’s pattern. Aglaonema genus belongs to Araceae family as reported by Oxford Academic Website. There are 40 species in the genus Aglaonema. A large variety of cultivars and colors are available in this genus.

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor grow in height of 1000m to 2000m in Sumatra and Nias Island on volcano slopes. Carl Sigismund Kunth described these species in 1981. Aglaonema has three different colors in leaves. It gives a cool army look due to dark green, bright green, and white spots on leaves.

In this article, we will share how to care Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor.

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Care Guide

We tend to think that rare plants are always challenging to care for but not in the case of Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor. This plant is relatively easy to care for if you are providing it right conditions which are necessary for its growth.

1. Soil

Well Draining rich soil made of a mix of perlite , orchid bark and peat is the best choice for Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor. As they are subtropical plants that require a lot of humidity and frequent watering that’s why good drainage is essential for them. That’s the major factor this plant doesn’t like to be in compact soil.

To avoid the problem of overwatering and protect it from root rot you should make sure your potting mix has to airy and rain waterfall. After watering the plant if water starts draining quickly out of the pots it is a sign that the soil is well drained.

2. Light

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor requires bright indirect light to grow. As direct sunlight will burn the leaves of the plants so avoid it placing them in direct sunlight for a long time. In the understory of very humid tropical forest conditions, it can grow in very low light.

It does not mean that you have to provide only very little light under house plant conditions. Natural sunlight is much stronger than any growing light or placing a plant near the window to receive indirect light.

Hence Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor requires bright but indirect light to grow and maintain its beautiful variegation.

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3. Watering

Keep the plant’s soil consistently moist but do not overwater it. You can water the plant when the top inch or potting mix is dry. To avoid overwatering check the moisture level of the potting mix with your finger before watering the plant.

Reduce the watering in winter to keep the soil slightly moist. I can tell you from my experience that moisture is different from wet keeping the plant’s soil constantly wet will cause the plant root rot.

4. Temperature

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor is a subtropical plant that keeps the temperature between 60 Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 26 degrees Celcius) to keep the plant warm.

It does not like cold seasons in winter seasons keep the temperature between the ranges of 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit  (16 degrees Celcius – 18 degrees Celcius).

5. Humidity

Aglaonema Pictum tricolor is a subtropical plant that grows in the jungle of Sumatra and Nias Island. A humidity above 65% is best for this plant So keep the humidity level above from this one.

Terrarium conditions are the best where you can keep the humidity at a high level.

To keep the Aglaonema Pictum tricolor thriving I keep mine in Terrarium at a humidity level above 90%.

In any case, if you can’t keep your Aglaonema Pictum tricolor in Terrarium make sure to place it in a pebble tray that is filled with water underneath. These Indoor Plants tend to grow crisp leaves that will drop quickly if the humidity is to low.

5. Fertilizer

Use balanced house plants fertilizer diluted at half the recommended strength. Fertilize once a month during the growing seasons ( springs and summer).

In autumn and winter seasons do not feed the plant as it is not in the main growing phase.

6. Growth

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor can generally grow about 12-20 inches tall at the most with a woody stem that is 0.1-0.8 inches (0.2-2 cm) wide.

The Growth rate of Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor plant is relatively slow but you can grow this plant faster by providing it best optimal conditions ofr growth.

7. Potting

To ensure Aglaonema Pictum tricolor dose not get root bounded repot it in every 3-5 years during spring and summer season. When repotting your plant try to use bigger size pot from the current one and make sure it has good drainage.