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How African Violet Pots Work?

African Violet Pots is a beautiful flowering plant that is easy to grow, but it will flower later than other plants in your garden. It is annual, and as it matures, it will send down seed pods, which should be planted in spring. Because it flowers later, the whole plant should be divided every few years. You could use one method to divide the plant into three and keep them separate in small containers. You will need to plant seeds suitable for the African Violet, so make sure they get plenty of sun and nutrients before planting.

African Violet Pots

How  To Choose These Pots?

The best choice of African Violet pots is a container with only two layers, and due to this, you can easily add water to the base of the plant without it becoming too dry. Once it has got enough moisture on the bottom of its soil, all you have to do is gently water it once or twice in the future while still a few weeks old. As African Violets bloom for a short period each year, you should only water them when they have just started to bloom again. This way, the roots will not get dried out, and the origins of the plant will also not get tangled up.

Once you have decided African Violet pots size you want, you need to decide what pot you will need. You can choose between those that have holes in the bottom or those that do not. The ones with holes are less likely to flood if the plant does not grow very big.


There should be no opening at the lower part of the pots; you should look for pots with drainage holes at the outer edge. It is a good idea to put some peat in there to keep the soil damp. This is because the mud will drain easier if it is wet. But it would help if you did not put too much peat in there as it may suffocate the plant. Once the plant gets to full size, you can put some more meat to help drain the soil.

When you are looking to buy an African violet pot, then you might want to

African Violet Potsconsider buying one with a light source. These plants love sunlight, and it is something that they tend to like a lot. You will have to buy plastic pots with a hole in the bottom; otherwise, the plant may drown. But make sure that your plant has enough space to swim around in the plastic pot. Buy a pot that is at least 2 inches deep so that water can drain properly from the bottom.

Some Facts About Pots

Plastic pots are usually made of either clay or terracotta. If you are going to buy a clay pot, you should know that they typically are more challenging than other plastic pots. This means that the roots can grow into the sides of these pots, and you will have to dig some holes to place the plant in. If you want the sources to stay in place, you should buy a plastic pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. Most African violet growers and owners prefer clay pots because they are less likely to have the plant suffocate when the ground is dry.

African Violet Clay Pots


Most African violet growers like to buy their soil online. This is because it can be shipped quickly, and they are often cheaper than buying in brick and mortar stores. When purchasing online, you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, most Internet stores will not ship directly to your home but will have you pay for a packing and shipping fee. So, it is best to buy your soil online from a reliable retailer who will also include this in shipping costs.

The third thing you need to look for in an African violet pot is ease of use. If you are starting, then you may want to choose one with fewer leaves. However, if you already have a plant with lots of leaves and want to cut down on the number of leaves, this type of pot would be better for you. You should also consider what kind of root system the African violet plants you are growing have. If the roots are very shallow and can float on the surface of the water, then you should consider buying a self-watering pot or a drainage planter.

African Violet Pots

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